Our Services

In this new era of Mobile First and social media, Cybernet Infocom will work with you to find effective ways to transform your business and give you a bigger online presence. We understand that timing is crucial to the success of a mobile application, and our talented team will work quickly and efficiently to bring your idea to deployment and help you realize your goals.

Native iPhone and iPad Application Development

We have experience in Mac development environment, Cocoa/Objective C , as well as Xcode / Interface Builder. We have used iPhone simulator for testing and runtime analysis with Instruments and Shark. We have good knowledge of iPhone SDK (SQLite database,GeoLocation,Threads) and experience developing iPhone GPS apps , iPhone Social Networking apps, iPhone Games and other niche apps.

Native Andriod Application Development

Andriod is becoming a dominant player in the industry with leading telecom companies introducing a flurry of handsets using Google's Andriod platform.Our skilled Andriod development team can help you with custom Andriod development to fully leverage the powerful features of the Andriod OS.

Native Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry is a dominant player in the enterprise market. Our BlackBerry development team, experienced at native BlackBerry app development, can help you with developing BlackBerry app that makes full use of core features, functionality and applications provided by BlackBerry. Whether you want to create a new app, or port an existing app to the Blackberry platform, our team can help you reach new users.

Native Windows Mobile development

Windows Phone 7, the latest in Microsoft's smartphone technologies, has been redesigned from the ground up to provide a unique and very powerful platform for smartphone app development. It easily integrates into all other Microsoft technologies, including Windows Desktop, Office, and even the XBOX 360. Our Windows Mobile team will not only build your apps, but also guide you the right solution to incorporate your app into your business workflow.

Mobile Web Development

Web usage on the mobile devices is increasingly increasing. We will advise you on your complete mobile strategy, including mobile web development, and design your mobile site that is as user friendly and useful as your standard site.

Geo Location Application Development

We have developed apps that use your location to identify places around you, enable you to share your location with others, check in at places to let others know, share your location at any time etc.

Mobile Advertising

We can help you not only with mobile app development, but also with monetizing the traffic to your iPhone , iPad, Andriod apps by integrating advertisements from various mobile ad networks like AdMob, iAd, Quattro, Jumptap, Buzzcity and other ad networks.

Mobile Testing

Our QA Testing team has rich experience in mobile testing / wireless testing. We will help you with end to end testing of your mobile apps/ mobile we solutions.